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Sunday, March 05, 2006

psp game

psp game

There are many sites out there that will allow you to download any psp game, and i've tried a bunch of them out and i thought it would be nice to give my readers a review of the top three sites that i came across:

#1 PspBlender is the latest product to hit the psp scene and I was simply blown away by this baby! It is by far my favorite site ! As a member, you sincerely get the complete package with this one. They have a huge selection of games, movies and music. There is also game cheats , game reviews and some cool psp extras including some custom psp wallpaper for you. Another thing we really liked about PspBlender is their user friendly interface. This is the only site I've seen where they actually show you what you getting with you membership, such as actual games that are available and what reviews they have.
This is definitely the best site I've come across. In addition to what was mentioned previously they also have one of the largest databases I've found. I always had a quick response from their support system and there has yet to be a movie or game I couldnt find.

#2 PspDownloadWorld is definitely a great source for downloading psp games and movies. They also had a nice range of products that was almost as good as my #1 choice. Once I downloaded their recommended software and read the tutorials, I was able to find not only great quality movies but an unbelievable selection of games from all genres... its better then visiting your local video store!

#3 UnlimitedPspMovies is starting to expand, but they dont have as big a selection as my #1 and #2 picks, athough the've just add a new games section, so I will keep my eye on them. Still, not a bad site by any means and a very nice and user-friendly interface!

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psp game


Blogger fairchylde said...

so these games are downloadable to the psp with firmware 2.6+? have you tried downloading the games? do they work? sorry but just being a little sceptical bout it. thanx for your time.

1:18 PM  
Blogger psp guy said...

Yes i download games all the time and the software does work. There is also a no questions money back guarrantee if for some reason you are not satified.

12:53 PM  
Blogger zuke said...

Great job, keep it up.
PSP Download

4:22 PM  

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